Anonymous: What is your ig name?


Anonymous: awwwww WHY CAN'T THAT HAPPEN TO ME?! lol

Hey, everything happens when it should :)

Anonymous: when i first saw your ex i thought he was lame. i knew you were going through that "bad boy" phase but still. i thought you could do better. at least it worked out in the end.

i was going thru that “im a dumb ass” stage lol.. I was very immature, it was my first relatioship, i was like 15 when it started, he took advantage of my innocence but that whole experience turned me into a much better woman, i believe. I am with a real man now, and I couldnt be any happier.

Anonymous: so who approached whom first? I bet you went after him lol

Well, It was a whole group of like 20 south africans that would frequently come to the bar I was working at. I didnt approach him, he approached me asking what kind of shot he could buy me, so I told him an upside down pineapple cake shot, and we took the shot, he was like “omgggg that was so gross” in his little accent, haha… so yeah, i gave him my number and then he told me his phone wasnt connected yet but that he would def be coming back and to expect to here from him… and this was around 2 years ago, in november… soon after we met, I went up to maryland for thanksgiving for like a week or so, and he was calling me everyday and writing me cute poems and all the shit a girl dreams of, it really didnt seem real haha, then I got back and he really wanted to see me, but it was super late my flight came in. None the less, he picked me up from the airport and we went to the beach that night and just looked at the stars, listened to the ocean, and talked about the universe.

Ever since then we have probably been together every day since.

Anonymous: Def just noticed that as soon as I complimented your baby on IG you deleted the comment and blocked me.... I don't understand that logic but alrighty.

I dont think so, but ok ?

Anonymous: how did you move on from your ex? I'm trying to move on from my 4 year relationship with my ex :(

I realized my worth lol and that he was lame as fuck

Anonymous: how did you and your fiancé meet?

I was bartending at the bar he went to and he had just come to america from south africa :)