Anonymous: do you find it creepy when white guys have an 'asian girl' fantasy/fetish?

no.. we’re the best lol. Once you go asian you’ve solved the equation (to all your female past problems) hahhaha I made that up on the spot chill


I’m totally into it if you’re a bad bittttch ;) 

Anonymous: you're always in beef. what's happening?

I’m not beefing really…. I just use tumblr to bitch because I can’t say it to who I want to say it to. Conflict of interest ya know lol

Anonymous: you know that photoshoot where you're wearing the little grey top and chains? my favorite of yours. have you got any unreleased/full versions that you can upload pls? you're so exotic lol

I do have them but they are on my old computer which needs to be fixed. Thank you!

Isn’t it awkward when the guy you’re with has an extremely unnecessarily bitchy sister?

Anonymous: Omg you and your man are so hot

thank you thank you :) 

Anonymous: Do you use regular toothpaste?


Anonymous: wow your man sounds like i need to upgrade mine

I don’t mind sharing ;) 

Don’t know who to tell so I’m going to blog about it

this is probably way too personal and graphic but oh well.
My man is amazing .. He puts me on the kitchen counter and starts licking me and kissing me *down there* and then picks me up and takes me to the couch. He pulls out a tiny vibrator he puts inside my panties while he continues cooking, telling me to enjoy that and get ready for him.. He comes back to me and starts licking my pussy for about 30 minutes. I’m literally dripping , soaking. Squirting, wet. His tongue circling around spots I didn’t even know existed.. Massaging me with a vibrator at te same time. We then had incredible sex (as always) but wow tonight was just like… At the rate we were going I could’ve created another ocean. At the end Of it all I couldn’t even stand up. I was completely numb from all the amazzzzzing orgasms this man gives me. All I could do was ask for water and a cigarette because I was floating thru space and time HOLY SHIT