"Beauty; You are You"

The beauty of the world is overlooked.
The prodigious, breathtaking, extraordinary, unbelievable, intricate details of this world have become normality.
The sky is blue, sometimes there is a rainbow, clouds are always there,
everyday simple wonders, plainly overlooked.
But if we woke up and the ocean was red, and the sky was purple, or dogs could fly, would this be something exciting?
But do you ever think
of all the life around you.

The way a blade of grass grows, or the way you are able to read this right now.
The incomprehensible facts that occur without us even giving it a second thought.
The way a raindrop is to an ant, or the fact it can carry 10x it’s own size.
Or the way you were created in your mothers insides,
do you even realize the mind blowing facts that are right in front of our fucking faces?
The way a rainbow is formed by the refraction of 7 colors that water droplets in the atmosphere break sunlight into seven colors.
Is that not mind fucking blowing to you?
The way waterfalls are carved into the earth and the chemistry on how the color of your eyes are formed.
The fact that stars are billions of light years away yet we can see them shining from the past.
Look up into space and realize although we may be just another speck in the galaxy, you got here against all odds.

How can you how can anyone believe they are worthless or shit or shouldnt be here?
Out of every little atom of life on this planet, in this galaxy,
You are you.

From crustaceans in the ocean that are the foundation of the life cycle, to tall giraffes, to plants, to thousand year old trees, you were given life.

Like everything else around you.
Look into the eyes of animals and realize this is life.
Feel the sway of the breeze and realize it is life.
Get knocked by the waves of the ocean because it is life.
Life is beautiful, enraging, brutal, and more than all, infinite.

In this lifetime you were given a brain you cant even use all of because, who knows what we are truly capable of.
And thats the golden question, I suppose.
What are we, who are we, what are we here for.
You are here as an individual but we lose sight of the fact that borders are just a concept.
On the earth, in humanity, it has been created, hate has been created, taught, and the cycle continues.
after awhile you drift away from the one-ness and see the darkness, because my God there is so much darkness.

But you. you are a glimmer of light. a piece of a star that exploded and its guts spewed all over the universe.

Just like the rainbows in the sky that dont seem to get a second look, and the caves beneath the ocean that are never thought about,

You are incredible. and maybe you have overlooked that, or forgotten just how amazing life is, and you are apart of it.

Think about that.

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eldiosss: Where have yu been? How's life ? Hope all is well

i’ve been too busy livin real life… haha, everything is going amazing! thank you! hope the same for you :)